Cascade of Lava

Photographer Michael Shainblum project consisted in taking a series of photos of lava in Hawaii: This collection of Hawaii photography is focused on the immense power of lava at the Volcanos National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii. One of the most truly mystical scenes I have ever had the pleasure of capturing. It’s… Continue reading Cascade of Lava


  I’ve been looking for this video for weeks. I knew that it had been posted on Daring Fireball. Today, with a bit of time and DuckDuckGo, I’ve managed to find it. via: Daring Fireball

Dark Sky on Location Tracking

Adam Grossman writing about Location Tracking and Privacy is what I wish most app developers would do to disclose in simple language what the app requires and why. This is why they are my alternative suggestion in the iOS apps to avoid list.